JOIN MY BAND is a short film about a boy who starts a band to get a girl. Set in inner city London, the film is a comic boy-meets-girl story about how something chaotic but beautiful can emerge from the clash of opposites. Join My Band has played at several film festivals, including Los Angeles Shorts Fest 2011 and the London Short Film Festival 2012

With an electric score written by singer-songwriter Lucinda Belle and Sean Hargreaves the film tells the story of Steve, a nerdy schoolboy who falls in love with the new girl in school, rebellious rock-chic Stella. As she’s completely oblivious to his feelings, Steve transforms his image to match hers and decides to form a punk-rock band with his friends. But it turns out that despite appearances, Stella isn't quite what she seems...

Every film has a completion deadline (often inevitably broken), but this short had an even more pressing one than most - writer-director Naomi Wright gave birth to her first baby, as well as the film, straight after production wrapped. Please click here to find out how you can help us raise the funds in order to provide for the film's successful distribution.